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Saturday, October 20, 2018

A Message from Kent Peters

This will likely be the final official message from me (Kent) as the Director of the Office for Social Ministry.  I am running very short of time on this, my last day before retirement – so much to do! So my message will be short and hopefully sweet.

It has been an absolute honor to serve in the Diocese of San Diego for 21 years, and I would absolutely do it again in a heartbeat if I was only 44 years old.  But alas, I’m on the other end of a long and happy career.

Bountiful blessings to every each and every one of you who serve the marginalized in our community.  As Jesus said, whatever you do (and I paraphrase here) to the forgotten, the hidden, those under siege, those underserved, those seeking shelter, the incarcerated, those who are victims, those who struggle with mental health challenges–the list goes on and on–you do to me.  Yes, we are serving the divine in every person we assist – Mt: 25.  Keep up your vital efforts!

Take care and please keep me in your prayers.

Eternal blessings,


4 Responses to “A Message from Kent Peters”
  1. Teresa says:

    Well done sir! God bless you in your retirement, and your family. Thank you for all of your amazing work!

  2. Anne-Marie Roach says:

    Thank you so much, Kent for starting the very important mental health ministry— no easy task! Wishing you a happy, restful retirement! Anne-Marie Roach

  3. Vinnie Thoms says:

    Best wishes for a wonderful, long and happy retirement. Hope you get lots of time with the grandkids and do some travelling!

    It’s been quite an experience working with the many Culture of Life groups/activities. Thank you for all you have done over these many years.

    God Bless you,
    Vinnie & Harry Thoms
    St. Charles

  4. Kimberley Monari says:


    What a wonderful legacy of service you leave the San Diego Diocese with! I’m obviously not alone in this as was evidenced by tributes of the many who came to wish you well recently at Our Lady of Mount Carmel.Your commitment & innovation are inspirational for newcomers & longtimers in the 22 (& mounting) number of churches in the Diocese who have elected to pioneer Mental Health Ministries. I wish you the very best as you travel, paint, fish, write, relax, etc.! “Mercy is the absolutely free initiative by which God has chosen us.


    Kimberley Monari
    Recovery International & Our Lady of the Sacred Heart lectors

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