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Acknowledging Pregnancy Loss

“While loss through miscarriage and abortion occur very differently, studies — and anecdotal stories — indicate that there is considerable similarity in the grief experience as well as the cultural silence that leaves them feeling isolated and alone,” writes Michaelene Fredenburg in the Times of San Diego.

“Studies also indicate that this silence frequently begins when medical attention is sought. While medical professionals understandably feel more comfortable and competent caring for the physical needs of their patients, their failure to acknowledge the loss — often through a lack of training — unwittingly communicates that this event is insignificant and that there is no reason to grieve.”

As a nation, we recently celebrated Mothers Day and Fathers Day–occasions that may be causes of deep pain for those who have experienced reproductive loss. The CEO of Life Perspectives, a worldwide outreach organization based in San Diego that provides training and healing resources to men, women, family members, and friends who have been touched by reproductive loss, Fredenburg offers some simple, practical ways we can all reach out to those who are suffering.

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