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Californians Urge a NO on SB 320

The California Assembly heard SB 320 on the floor Monday and Tuesday and made minor amendments. This bill would require all UC and CSU campuses to provide medication abortions in their student health centers. Next week, the Assembly will hear SB 320 in its final form and cast their votes. Please contact your Assembly member immediately and urge them to vote NO on SB 320.

We know how important it is to oppose abortion, since it takes the life of an unborn child and harms women deeply. It is important to remember that most of our legislators support abortion and will not change their minds immediately. However, everyone wants to empower young women to succeed in college, and no one wants to support coerced abortions. By using this common ground, even pro-choice legislators will be more likely to consider a no vote.

Take Action

Step 1. Call Your Assembly Member

Remember: Be courteous, and use these talking points. You may not have enough time to share all of this but you can try.

Hi, my name is ___, I’m a constituent, and I am calling to urge the member to vote no on SB 320. This bill would require public universities to provide medication abortions on campus.

26% of students are parents, but few are informed of their rights or the resources available to them. Offering abortion on campus will encourage unwanted abortions for young women and coerce the reproductive choices of students who may feel they have no other choice.

The bill may also require students to pay for abortions from student fees in 2022. And campus physicians are concerned about the liability since their centers are not equipped. For these reasons, I urge a no vote. Thank you.

Step 2. Email Your Assembly Member

Copy and paste this text, adding your member’s name and your name at the bottom.


Dear Asm. NAME,

Since CA is not currently meeting the needs of the 26% of student parents on college campuses, I request a no vote on SB 320.

SB 320 would create a fund for UCs and CSUs to provide medical abortions in their student health centers. However, creating an abortion fund without ensuring adequate services for pregnant and parenting students coerces students’ reproductive decisions, especially for women of color.

Black, Latino, Indigenous, and mixed-race college women have children (and plan to have children) at rates significantly above white women. The women who most often become pregnant on our public campuses are not looking for greater abortion access but for help parenting as students.

Student parents cite lack of housing and grossly inadequate child care as obstacles to completing their education. And most public universities do not list Title IX protections for pregnant and parenting students on their websites, leaving students ignorant of their rights. If passed, SB 320 would encourage unwanted abortion to marginalized pregnant students. CA should instead provide an equal playing field for all college women, including student parents.

Abortions are already covered by Student Health Insurance Plans, Medi-Cal, and referred by every student health center with 500 providers in the state. CA students do not need more abortion – they need supportive resources to empower women to achieve their educational dreams as parents.

In 4 years, SB 320 may require general fund money or even student fees to pay for these medication abortions. Even university health center physicians are concerned about the liability associated with this bill and do not think it is a good idea.

By voting NO on SB 320, we have the chance to redraft a plan that would provide comprehensive health and wellness services to college women, focusing on what they need to succeed.

I urge you to vote NO on SB 320.


FirstName LastName

Step 3. Share this Information with Others

Share with friends and make sure they are raising their voices on this crucial bill.

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