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Court Out of Order

Today the U.S. Supreme Court has changed the entire landscape of our culture and our society.  In interpreting our U.S. Constitution to require all 50 states to license and recognize same-sex “marriage,” these five unelected court officials have dictated a sweeping change that will seriously impact the lives of 321 million U.S. residents—while simultaneously stripping states of their power to protect and preserve society.

Andy Pugno, General Counsel for the official proponents of Proposition 8, put it this way: “A bare majority of the Supreme Court has abruptly cut off this ongoing debate, unilaterally imposing its view of what’s good for society by suddenly discovering a new constitutional right that almost no one would have imagined just a few years ago.”

Our Bishop Robert McElroy points out that the Catholic Church—along with other faith traditions—“teaches that the nature of marriage and the family cannot be redefined by society, as God is the author of marriage and its corresponding gift of co-creating human life.”

After all, marriage is not only about two people who love each other. It is both a personal and a social commitment of a man and a woman to each other—and to the well-being of the children that result from their union. “It is for this reason,” Bishop McElroy writes in a statement about today’s decision, “that it is important for government to give a unique status to marriage between one man and one woman both in law and in public policy.”

Though we are disappointed with the Court’s decision and will continue to uphold the teaching of marriage as a unique, sacramental bond between one man and one woman, “we will do so in a manner which profoundly respects at every moment the loving and familial relationships which enrich the lives of so many gay men and women who are our sons and daughters, our sisters and brothers, and ultimately our fellow pilgrims on this earthly journey of life,” writes Bishop McElroy. This is, of course, in keeping with the teaching of our Catholic Catechism that gay people “must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.”

We thought our readers might appreciate reading comments from those on the front lines in this legal and cultural struggle.  Following are links to four statements on the Court’s decision.

Remember, we are in this together, and together we’ll press on.

Statement from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.
Statement from the National Organization for Marriage.
Statement from Catholics for the Common Good.
Statement from the Ruth Institute.

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  1. Doug Metz says:

    Spoken in truth with love. Thank you, Bishop.

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