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Join Us in 40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life is a peaceful, legal event that is occurring at the same time in over 375 locations in 24 countries throughout the world, beginning February 14, 2018. Nearly 14,000 babies have been saved throughout the nation during 40 Days for Life since it started in 2007.

The opening prayer vigil for El Cajon will be February 13, at 6:30 pm, at FPA Women’s Health and Planned Parenthood, both located within walking distance of each other at 1625 and 1685 East Main Street, respectively, in the city of El Cajon.

We will begin by meeting in front of FPA Women’s Health (1625 East Broadway, El Cajon 92021). Park on the street or other locations nearby, but don’t park in the parking lot for FPA.  We will have some speakers in front of FPA, then we will proceed with a candlelight Rosary procession to Planned Parenthood up the street at 1685 East Main Street, El Cajon, followed by a short talk. It is unprecedented in the history of 40 Days for Life to have two campaigns so close together.  Hopefully the combined efforts will result in many people being able pray in front of both locations on the same day.

Please sign up for prayer time in front of either Planned Parenthood, FPA Women’s Health, or both.  Surgical abortions are done on Tuesday mornings, and chemical abortions are done on Mondays and Thursdays, but prayer warriors are needed every day.

To sign up for prayers in front of FPA Women’s Health, click here.

To sign up for prayers in front of Planned Parenthood, click here.


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