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Support Human Trafficking Survivors

Recently, Children of the Immaculate Heart submitted the application to Community Care Licensing to open The Refuge, a home for trafficked minor girls. CIH is the first organization since 2016 to apply to open a new group home in San Diego County! That means it is the first program to apply under the new stricter regulations that were promulgated last year in the state of California.

Now that CIH is this close to expanding services to include minors, your help is needed to provide specialty therapies for clients at The Refuge. Therapeutic services are a crucial piece of rehabilitation for survivors of sex trafficking, and CIH will be providing that in a residential setting for girls between the ages of 12 and 17.

Your help is needed today so that CIH can integrate music, the arts, and pet therapy into the program! A county contract will allow CIH to provide individual, group, and family therapy, but specialty therapies can be costly. Research shows how effective equine therapy, music, and arts can be, and your help is needed to provide these services for girls who have suffered so much.

Click here to donate to the Children of the Immaculate Heart’s GoFundMe campaign.


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