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Vote Wisely

There is little disagreement that as a faith community the Catholic Church has not reached its full potential to influence society for good with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, even with the clarity the Church has on human values that are reinforced by the Gospel. This is especially true in the realm of politics and government and becomes even more evident at election time.

The U.S. Catholic Bishops have worked for years to enliven the virtue of citizenship in the Catholic community. Given the state of electioneering over the past few decades, however, it is not surprising that many Catholics have avoided political involvement altogether.

But no matter the disorderliness, the conflict, the confusion, or the unpleasantness of politics and elections, we Catholics have an obligation to be involved in the process and to restore a culture of political engagement based on respect, restraint, and especially veracity. For if truth is trampled in the pursuit of political power, those without moral bearings will likely be the ones to take that power and to wield it in abusive and corrosive ways.

Catholics can no longer remain on the sidelines when it comes to the field of politics. Every Catholic, young and old, is called to political engagement of some form—but we can all use guidance in the best way to engage.

We have created a Catholic Voter Education Aid for your use. It does not tell an individual how to vote, but rather, it will help users form their consciences so they can make sound moral choices.

Click here to download your Catholic Voter Education Aid.  Remember, Election Day is June 7, 2016. 

PHOTO CNS photo/ Mike Crupi, Catholic Courier

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